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In 1995 Randal Schwartz came up against Intel in legal case which had serious implications for employees and contractors in the it business. It was a case of David vs Goliath and a fund was established to help Randal defend himself.

Perl is a programming language created and developed by Larry Wall and it very quickly became the ‘net’ language of choice. Randal was, with Larry, the author of the books many of us used to learn how to cut Perl code. Without this the development of the Internet would probably not be as far forward as it is today.

To support Randal, emoticon produced a t-shirt to help generate some funds and the original purchasers of the shirt had their email addresses enshrined on the back, together with the email addresses of Larry Wall, Randal Schwarz and Tim O’Reilly, the publisher of the Perl books.

why the camel?

well the original Perl book by Larry Wall and Randal Schwartz, published by O’Reilly had/has a camel on the cover – simple really :-)

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